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Little Seeds of Hope

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ABOUT Hope Gatekeepers

Child Development Expert, Certified Suicide Prevention Instructor & Mental Health Advocates 

With a team of certified and trained experts, Hope Gatekeepers has created a program designed to educate children about mental health. Hope Gatekeepers is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization located in Los Angeles, California that serves Southern California. To learn more about our cause please click on button below.


Health, Prevention, Wellbeing

Hope Gatekeepers believes every child deserves to live happy, healthy, and productive lives that benefit themselves and their families. In order for our communities to have healthy children we must train them up to live intentionally and successfully. This is why Little Seeds of Hope is dedicating its time and effort to provide mental health resources, tools, and training that will help a child's mind grow into healthy & mindful manners. To learn more about our program and how we are eagerly preparing for the next group to attend our workshop please reach out.

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