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Little Seeds of Hope Market

Planting Lifelong Skills Event

Interested In Your Child Becoming A Vendor?

Welcome to Little Seeds of Hope Market where we focus on CONFIDENCE, CREATIVITY, and CARE.

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Why Should My Child Become A Vendor?

Here at Little Seeds of Hope, we believe that children need the basic needs of love and care to grow healthy minds. Our goal with Little Seeds of Hope Market, vendors (children) will tap into their create side of the mind and build new skills to boost their self-esteem. Research shows that mental illnesses are linked to low self-esteem . . . and our HOPE is to end that research from happening to your child. Through the time of creating your child' business we will be here to hold your hand. Little Seeds of Hope team will provide a headshot of your child for marketing their business, provide support, and be their biggest cheerleaders! Let's create healthy minds to better our communities and the generations to come!

Vendor Booth Ideas

Happy Mail: Your child could create a card business that sell handmade birthday cards.

Cookie Lovers: Your child can sell homemade cookies.

Slime Away: Your child can sell slime.

Diggy Doggie: Your child can sell dogs clothes.

B& B Beads: Your child can make bracelets from colorful beads.

Other ideas:




Help your child with creativity—this can be a family project.

Question? Reach out by emailing us at

Want to be a sponsor?

Little Seeds of Hope is a program created by Hope Gatekeepers a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. We continue to seek sponsors who care about the well-being of the children in our communities. It's a difficult task to find the sponsors who care enough to take action and support our mission.

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