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Hope Gatekeepers'

Mental Health &
 Development Guidance for Kids

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Bringing Hope To One Classroom At A Time

Fostering and nurturing our parent relationships are a crucial part of our work. It's a great honor and privilege to be able to continue our classroom project.

Take an inside look of Little Seeds Of Hope's first school community project.

Every Child Matters!

Mental Health Awareness


Have questions or need a specific training for your child or group? Our team is ready to help guide you to support your child.


Mental health for children. Every little minds deserves to grow with purpose.


Children Recommend

Sophia L.

"I would tell my friends about Little Seeds of Hope because a lot of my friends need a workshop like this."

Aerabella M.

"My favorite character is Freddy Friendship because I don't really have friends at school & I feel like I made friends here."

Michael G.

"My favorite part of the day was everything because it was so cool & fun!"

Mental Health for Kids Matters

 Children Development in Motion

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Your children's mental health matters and being proactive is important for their lives.

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Our programs teach children the importance of relationships that are built on trust.

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Health & Safety

Our first priority is your child's health and safety. Trained staff to ensure peace of mind.

Thank You To Our Kids Business Event Donors

To become a sponsor or donor please email or click on button below for more information.

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