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For Immediate Help

Dial 988

In case of an emergency dial 911

Affirmation Cards

Get your free affirmation cards to use with a child to boost their self-esteem. Did you know that a child's self- esteem has developed by age 5? This is why we are so consumed with our 8 Pillars of Skill Building—we want to make sure every child learns how to have a healthy self-esteem.


We are always seeking ways to educate adults on techniques that professionals use for their child. Learning simple ways to implement proven techniques to support a child's mental health is a good step towards healthy minds.

Social Media 

We use social media as a way to reach more adults. Social media allows us to give helpful tips, announce future events, and empower adults to teach a child the fundamentals of skill building for success.

Free Downloads

Our team loves giving free downloads as a way to encourage adults to take action now! We are always creating a new download so stay connected for your Hope Tool Box.

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