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The Team

Teaching healthy habits for your child's mind 

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that is diligently engaged in the community of raising  mental health awareness. Our team consists of Certified Suicide Prevention Instructors, Child Development Experts, Mental Health Advocates, and local business owners dedicated to helping families thrive.


B.A in Sociology

Certified Suicide Prevention Instructor

Children's Book Author

Misty E. Rivera

Founder & CEO

As a mother of two daughters, I understand the challenges of raising healthy children.

The night of Jason’s death I kneeled down next to my daughter Angel’s crib, as I watched her sleep—without realizing what I was doing for myself, I used words of affirmation to get through the night and then each year after. I was able to continue my education and receive my bachelor’s degree in sociology and minor in women’s studies. I rented my first apartment and decorated each room to meet the needs of Angel and myself. I kept on going and I didn’t stop. Although I did have my bad days, I wanted to fulfill my dreams and I wanted Angel to be proud of her mama. Through all the trials and tribulations I knew God held me in His hands, and I knew someday I would make a difference in the world. From what was the most horrific tragedy in my life, I decided to grow a garden of hope. With God’s mercy and grace, I am dedicating every day to bring suicide awareness to our communities. 

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B.A Child Development 

A.A Sign Language Interpreting

Stefanie Camarena


I take pride in my ability to create and maintain strong intimate relationships with the families that I serve.


While navigating my way through college, I began assisting families of children with ADHD, autism and other learning disabilities. I have been a vital part of the nuclear unit for many families across the South Bay and have worked with large groups in day camp settings. I am looking forward to exemplifying the power of mental health advocacy through Little Seeds of Hope. My hope is that our mission touches many lives within our communities and that the children who enter our program leave feeling empowered to share what they learned.

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Certified Suicide Prevention Instructor

Taschia Garretti

Assistant Director of Planning & Development 

Being a mom and step-mom, I have taken great pride in raising my girls into adulthood and helping to provide a safe environment for them to grow as women, and support their mental health to the best of my ability. While trying to be the best mom, wife and strong female role in my home, I have had my own struggles with my mental health. Knowing the importance of having support groups and friends who could support me in my weaknesses, struggles and triumphs is great. Knowing that the tools I learned through my struggles have helped my daughters and others, is priceless. 

I have also had the amazing opportunity to work in my church’s children’s ministry, where I was able to help develop lesson plans, to teach the children about the Word of God, to support parents and children and oversee each learning department, from the nursery to preschool. 

At Hope Gatekeepers and Little Seeds of Hope, our goal is to come alongside parents, adults and children to help support them in a unique way – their mental health. We believe in strong communities, and the development of a strong family unit. We believe that the seeds we plant now will develop into a strong, encouraging, bright future for all. We believe in HOPE. 


General Manager- Red Apple Air

Gatekeeper of Hope

Faith Martinez



My Dad died by suicide when I was only a baby—although I don't remember him, the brokenness he left for me to deal with has been a journey of forgiveness and healing. Today, I am telling my story to help people who have suicidal ideations and express my feelings of the aftermath of losing a loved one to suicide. My story tells of what and who people leave behind. 

Today, I am not only the Co-founder of Hope Gatekeepers, I've successfully helped my family construction company grow tremendously, including creating the world's first real-time dashboard air purification system. I believe what we breathe effects our mental health and I'm excited to support our communities with clean indoor environments.


A 2019 study in Environmental Health Perspectives studied short-term exposure to PM2.5 in over 6,800 children up to 18 years old sent to an emergency department at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center in Cincinnati, Ohio for symptoms considered psychiatric emergencies, including:4,5,6 

  1. suicidal thoughts or behavior

  2. adjustment disorder (intense stress, sadness, and anxiety triggered by a major life event)

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