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One in five children is living with a mental illness and 50% of all lifetime mental illnesses starts by age 14. Yet, there is still a stigma surrounding mental health. Little Seeds of Hope was launched by Hope Gatekeepers to build healthier children, families and communities. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the mission of Little Seeds of Hope?

Our mission is to bring mental health awareness to children through skill building. Our 8 characters have been specifically designed for the Little Seeds of Hope program. Each character exhibits a mental health attribute, for example: Ava Affirmation, Edison Environment, Freddie Friendship and more. See our “Meet the Characters” tab for character descriptions and bios.


Do you talk to children about suicide? 

No, we do not talk to children about suicide. Little Seeds of Hope is a preventative measure in conjunction with Hope Gatekeepers suicide prevention and awareness organization. As mentioned in our mission, Little Seeds of Hope uses skill building to establish healthy minds and families within our community.


Is Little Seeds of Hope a non-profit? 

Little Seeds of Hope is a program designed by the Hope Gatekeepers’ team. Hope Gatekeepers is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Funds donated through Hope Gatekeepers are specifically allocated to our mental health program for children upon request. Your donation on our website is directed to Little Seeds of Hope for the use of our future programs.


How will donations to Little Seeds of Hope be used? 

Your tax deductible donation will be used for 2022-2023 workshop supplies, transportation fees, location fees and resources for parents. 


Do you offer your workshop to children with special needs?

Due to various requests, we are working on adapting our program for special needs children. If your child has special needs and does not need additional 1:1 support or accommodations, contact Stefanie Camarena at


How can I get involved?

Little Seeds of Hope is currently looking for volunteers for local pop-up events. We are also looking for adults in the community who have a heart for both children and mental health. On average, our workshops require a prep crew the week before and an all-hands-on-deck crew on workshop days. Additionally, volunteers are needed for basic administration tasks. Background check required. For more information contact Stefanie Camarena at

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